Water ATM Machines

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Are water ATMs really successful?
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A Water ATM is an ATM machine that is connected to a Reverse Osmosis Filtering System and adequate water storages which combines the latest technology that automates water supply to customers who require access to cheap filtered pure water.

The ATM can take coins or customers can have a pre-paid card that they can credit which allows them to swipe the card over the terminal and get water. After making payment by inserting coins or swiping a card filtered water will be dispatched through a tap into their containers. As an owner the funds are deposited in a safe that is burglar and taper proof. Immediately water is dispatch a message is sent to your account which can be linked to your phone and tells you how much was paid and how much water was supplied. The entire system is automated which can provide a 24 hour a day service without security guard or any supervisor saving the investor time and money.
Other features can include Wi-Fi Web Camera so you can see your Water ATM live 24 hours and even operate the water pump to fill the water storages when the water is low. In addition H2O Solutions can do the full maintenance and management of your water ATM providing a fully automated water business.

First H2O Solutions gathers data on the amount of dwellings there are in the area and consistency of the water supply. We then calculate the average person in a household which is four and multiply it by the average liters a day a Ghanaian consumes which is twenty liters per person. Finally we multiply that by the amount of days water is not provided by Ghana water. In a lot of cases we source areas where Ghana water does not supply to increase the yield as well as providing water to those that need it most. This gives us a good estimate of how many liters will be needed per day for that community and helps us to choose areas that can attract social entrepreneurs and investors to set up an ATM water station.
After we have conducted our researched we calculate the minimum profits an ATM water station will make. From our research an ATM water station will serve 500 dwellings or 2000 people.

Partnering with Us

H2O Solutions is driving innovations and is looking to develop a network of smart and innovative business men and women. As part of the Africa Water Sanitation Initiative, H2O Solutions is looking to partner with business men and women in setting up Water ATM across Accra.

We are looking to set up 2000 ATM Water filling stations across Ghana which will bring in millions in Revenue while providing clean filtered water to millions people in the City. We are already working with the largest municipal who are in the process to mandate us to provide licenses and monitor the private water industry within the municipal.
This presents a massive opportunity for partnerships and we are looking for a network of business men and women that will partner with us to supply water to city dwellers. All of the ATM will branded as H2O Solutions water filling station are fully owned by the investor.
Investing into Water ATM is the most lucrative business opportunity currently and can yield over 30% per month. ATM water stations are the best solution to expensive sachet water that cost around GHc3.50p for 15 liters. The issue with sachet water is that it is extremely expenses and unhygienic since most companies are not regularly monitored. A recent research discovered that out of 68 sachet water companies over 90% were producing contaminated water. The Government has taken aggressive steps to close down many of these companies but for everyone that closes another one emerges. When a customer needs safe drinking water they can go to a water ATM that is fully licensed and regulated and slot in 50 pesewa and get pure filtered water at the highest quality guaranteed. Clients can pay as little as GHc1 and get 20 liters of pure filtered water that’s just 5 pesewa per liter which is almost 5 times cheaper than buying unsafe sachet water. At just 20 pesewas per every 5 liters
In Accra the demand for safe drinking water is overwhelming often creating long queues outside water suppliers that do not have access to safe water. Your ATM water facility will be an attraction and lead to daily profit that competes with some of the best business opportunities in Ghana